Nenasa TV

Nenasa Rupavahini Education program commenced and functioning from year 2009

continuously as a CSR under Public Private Partnership of Ministry of Education collaboratively with Dialog Axiata Pvt.Ltd. with the following objectives

  1. Providing quality education material through the TV channel for the schools with a teacher shortage.
  2. Alternative solution for the teacher relief
  3. Enhance the quality and quantity of the secondary education in Sri Lanka
  4. Introduce and improve Multi-sensory Learning approach
  5. Introduce new technology and its application to the students in rural areas

Nenasa program is consisting with 8 channels with 2200 TV and free connection for 2200

schools. No bill payment by schools or Ministry of Education.

Nenasa Educational Mobile App

An exceptional educational platform for children of Sri Lanka.

Nenasa is an educational platform that enhances the learning experience, providing educational material in accordance with the Sri Lankan government schools’ syllabus.

The app contains in-built graphical content, videos and resources Grade 1 to 11 and includes all the subjects within the syllabus. Nenasa was developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Education to ensuring access and equal opportunity for a quality education for Sri Lankan students.

About the Telecast

There are two Nenasa channels telecast by the Dialog TV during the school hours. The educational programs for grade 10 are telecast through Nenasa channel 25 and the educational programs for grade 11 are telecast through Nenasa channel 26 during the school hours. After schools; that is from 1.30 p.m. onwards, repeat the programs which are telecast in morning hours.

The lessons that are telecast

  • The lessons that are telecast
  • Business Studies and Accounting
  • Tamil Language
  • First Language – Sinhala
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Entrepreneurship Studies
  • Geography
  • History
  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Civic Education

Creation of Lessons and the Syllabus

All the lessons for grades 10 and 11 produced by the National Institute of Education and the Dharmavahini Foundation have been scrutinized by the in-service advisors (ISAs) who are the experts in respective subjects. After that the lessons were lined up according to the competency levels based on the syllabuses and the textbooks and then the present timetable has been set for each subject accordingly.

Design and Production of the Lessons

Design and production of these lessons are done by the National Institute of Education and the Dharmavahini Foundation and the services of the expert teachers serving in the government schools, in-service advisors with subject expertise and the lecturers of the National Institute of Education are obtained for this purpose.

Suggestions, Requests and the Ideas of the Viewers

The main expectation of the Ministry of Education is to implement this Nenasa educational program as a helping hand for especially the students in schools and other peer groups.

In this respect all the viewers can contribute to fulfill this expectation. If you are a teacher with all the expertise of the subject, you can join with this program to create lessons.

If you are a viewer using of these lessons, you can submit your suggestions and ideas about the quality of these lessons and how to develop them.

Since at the end of each school term, the term tests are held, these lessons will not be telecast and the arrangements have been made to complete telecasting all the lessons allocated for the term by this time. Accordingly you can make a request to us through the following ways and media for re-telecasting a lesson that you missed or you want to view again and it is possible to give the opportunity to view them again during these days. (This method is used on public holidays except on weekends)

Therefore please contact us using any of the following method for the purpose of the above or any other requirement.

Contact Details

The Director of Education
Nenasa Unit,
Ministry of Education,
"Isurupaya", Battaramulla.
+94 117 209 354/ +94 117 209 719
+94 112 785 821