Mr. P. L. Pathmakumara

Additional Secretary - Administration





Vision & Mission


Dedicating towards a satisfatory service.


Encouraging the colleague staff,devoted to nurturing free education, by facilitating them with optimum services and infrastructure facilities.

Sub Branches

Leave Branch

postal Branch

Central Record Room

Main Auditorium(Audio Visual Unit)

Risograph Unit

Reception Counter

Telephone Exchange Unit

Functions of the General Administration Branch

Approval of foreign leave of the staff members of all National Schools,Teacher Training Colleges,Colleges of Education, Teacher Centers and other Affiliated institutions.

Submitting for approval of overtime and travelling expenses of the staff members of all National Schools,Teacher Training Colleges,Colleges of Education,Teachers and other affiliated institutions.

Approval of Holiday Pays and photocopy allowances of Ministry officers.

Activities in relation to payments for translations of the Ministry.

Settling of all telephone, water,electricity bills of the Ministry including the Minister of Educationand the State Ministers.

Approval of communication allowances of Ministry officials

Receiving,securing and other activities related to Declaration of Assets and Liabilities of the Staff Officers of the Ministry

Issuance of official identity cards of Ministry officers

Coordination activities related to the public day

Supervision of the maintenance of the canteen

Actions related to distress loans.festival advances,special advances,property loans,releasing of deeds and other related activities

Issuance of railway warrants and the submission of applications for railway season ticket to the Department of Railway

Formulation of annual estimates related to the Administration Branch and resolving issues related to official quarters coming under the Ministry

Issues related to official quarters coming under the Ministry

Issuance of numbers for duty free vehicle permits

Allocating numbers for circulars issued by the Ministry of Education

Responding to letters and complaints received from the Presidential Secretariat,Prime Minister's Office and the Minister's Office and providing details and data for enquiries made by external institutions

Appointing officials for Technical Evaluation Connittees

Conducting activities related to elections

Coordination of the duties related to the Tappol Branch,(postal branch),Leave Branch,Central Record Room,Auditorium, Risograph Unit,Reception Counter and the Telephone Exchange.

Main Functions

Actions on disciplinary matters of the officials belongs to the Sri Lanka Education Administrative Service (SLEAS) and Ministry and on both academic and non academic staff of National Schools, National Colleges of Education and Teacher Training Colleges

Maintaining personal files of Document Assistants, Development Assistants, Finance Assistants (non-consolidated service) officials

Maintaining cadre details of non-academic cadre of the National Schools, Teacher Training College, National Colleges of Education and Teacher Centers that come under the purview of Ministry of Education

Creating cadre positions under the Section 71 of Finance Regulations

Sorting out all letters received by hand or via electrically and delivering them safely and immediately

Releasing of deeds which are taken as security

Attending the investigations on the matters submitted by the Secretary and the Additional Secretary (Administration & Finance) and submit investigation reports with the recommendations, preparing of charge sheets accordingly.

Appointing personal cadre and advisors of the Minister

Coordinating the establishment activities of the officials of Department of Examination, Educational Publications Department, National Institute of Education and National Library & Documentation Services Board

Maintaining leave records of all officials and the employees of the Ministry of Education

Approving all loans that are belongs to advance account

Registering of Ministry circulars

Main Functions

Utilization of vehicles for various programs of the ministry of education

All duties belonging to the internal administration


Justice to all through good governance.


Work collaboratively to achieve the best results in the education sector by providing essential legal support. .

Main Functions

Attending to work relating to cases filed in Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, High Court, District Court and Arbitration matters of the Ministry of Education and giving legal advice.


Ensuring the land owernership of schools and all the institutions related to the field of Education


Granting a settled land to Schools and the Institutions related to the field of Education in compliance with the Government Policies and in coordination with the relevant Institutions for the sustainability of the Education System.

Main Functions

Acquisition of lands required for National Schools, Colleges of Education, Teacher Training Colleges and the Institutes under the Ministry of Education in accordance with the Land Acquisition Act.

Carrying out the official proceedings with reference to the lands acquired for the Schools and Teacher Training Colleges under the Assisted Schools and Training Colleges (Supplementary Provisions) Act No.08 of 1961.

Executing the official proceedings to alienate the lands which have already been acquired and are not being used by the relevant institutes as per the requests of the original owners

Preparing observations in relation to the cases with reference to the school lands

Proceeding with prospective activities in respect of the complaints made by the public or the other parties regarding the lands which are not taken under the aforesaid tasks and owned by the institutes under the Ministry of Education.

If there arc encroachers in the land of Schools. Colleges of Education and Teacher Training Colleges, taking actions to evict them from such lands in coordination with relevant Divisional Secretary, Secretary to the Provincial Ministry of Education, Provincial Director of Education under the Slate Lands (Recovery of Possession) Act.

Proceeding with relevant official activities regarding the lands proposed to be acquired for the Ministry, of Education or the Institutes under it.

Proceeding with relevant activities for vesting of lands to other government institutes as per the requirements of lands of the Ministry, of Education or the Institutes under it

This Ministry as the requesting party is working in liaison with other institutes regarding the land acquisition activities. The parties who are directly involved on this matter are the Ministry of Lands and Land Development and the relevant Divisional Secretary. Also, the Survey Department of Sri Lanka, Department of Valuation and State Printing Corporation are linked at the relevant stages. When legal advices are required and there are court cases concerning the relevant lands, official proceedings are carried out in consultation with the Attorney General and the relevant courts.

Vision & Mission


A support to the education of nation through an efficient transport service


Efficient and well managed fulfillment of the transport requirements in the education process that endows children with wisdom and moralities to the nation

Main Functions

Renewal of vehicles

Servicing of vehicles

Issuance of fuels for vehicles

Providing fuel advances

Settling fuel advances

Refunding fuel advances

Providing additional fuels

Refunding the vouchers of additional fuels

Insuring all vehicles used by the Ministry

F.R 104 inspections with reference to all accidents of the vehicles belonged to the Ministry

Activities related to accidents and insurance of the vehicles owned by the Ministry, obtaining revenue licenses, police complaints, case reports and registration certificates.

Setting additional fuels

Renewal of Driving Licenses

Maintaining fixed assets register

Valuation of vehicles

Allocating the vehicles in the pool as per the requests

Administering the attendance, travelling out for official purposes and arrivals of drivers 18.Deploying drivers for all vehicles

Deploying official vehicles

Taking and duly handing over the inventories assigning responsibilities to the officers, vehicle pool and drivers

Repairing of Vehicles belonged to ESDP projects of National Colleges of Education

Acquiring vehicles to the Ministry of Education

Transferring vehicles from the Ministry of Education

Checking and settling the bills of fuels given through the orders and submitting to the Payments Branch

Activities related to the overtime payments, travel expenses and leave of the drivers

Vision & Mission

Creating a pleasurable office environment through providing appropriate services and premises management

Provide desirable office environment to those who use the premises by providing appropriate infrastructure with coordination and managemen

Main Functions

Providing Security Service

Providing Cleaning Service

Maintaining Buildings

Providing Pest Control Service

Providing Air-condition Service

Maintaining an Impressive Landscaping

Providing Electricity Service

Providing electric lift and generator service

Coordinating Water and Drainage Facility Services

Coordinating Telephone Services

Providing Fire Extinguisher Service

Main Functions

Providing finger mark numbers to the officers transferred or newly recruited to the ministry and providing their particular to the relevant softwareProviding leave records relating to the salary increments, admission of children to the grade one, promotions, retirements and transfers

Approving the lapsed vacation leave according to the clause 10 of the chapter xii of the establishment code

Checking the vouchers submitted by all the officers of the ministry of education for the payment of overtime and 1/20 allowance

Receiving and computerizing the leave applications received from all the branches/sections

Providing the concessionary period for pregnant mothers according to the clause 18 of the chapter xii of the establishment code

Calculating the no pay according to the clause 22 of the chapter xii of the establishment code and the half pay according to the clause 22 of the chapter xii of the establishment code and sending these particulars to the payments branch for deducting

Approving the records related to the monthly allowance payments to the computer training students, casual and substitute workers

Vision & Mission


A broad and strategic approach for efficient and rational decisions to ensure the excellence in Education


Implementation of appropriate information and communication strategies for the assurance of optimum decision-making to meet the aspirations of all parties in education and the effective and efficient implementation of those strategies in a timely manner

Main Functions

Assuring the coordination for a widespread use of information and updating the basic and major information related to the general education sector.

Using mass media as the sources of information and expanding the possibility of using it for immediate solutions to the issues in the field.

Creating an approach for immediate collection of information through moden technologies and referring those for optimum decision-making endeavors.

Making the basis of preparing reports that assure the educational development broad and effective.

Broadening the possibility of access of local and foreign delegations to the key information related to the Ministry of Education through latest methodologies