Education Quality Development

Mrs.Gayathri Abeygunasekara

Additional Secretary, Education Quality Development

Vision & Mission


Create next generation who can face the challenges while maintaining language, culture and the Sri Lankan identity and integrity


Building up of patriotic student population that respects national values through language competencies and in the four skills of language and possess with humanitarian culture through social studies to protect the national identity and to face future challenges successfully

Main Functions

Developing the competency of the children in 6- 13 grades in mother tongue and in the four skills of language

Increasing children’s achievement through developing the quality of National Languages and Humanities

Developing appreciation power of the children

Creating successful students community who respect the social values and the unity of the country



Assisting all students in government schools to develop literacy and competencies in relation to English & Foreign Languages to be fully equipped to perform productivity both locally and globally as a fully fledged citizen

Main Functions

Taking policy decisions about English and foreign languages taught in Sri Lankan schools

Providing allocations for the Regional English Support Centers and monitoring them

Capacity building programs for English and foreign languages

Conducting the Lit-Q TV quiz program

Coordination of 1000 schools program

Monitoring the English and foreign languages programs at zonal and provincial levels

Conducting national level English language and drama competitions

Implementation of the English for All program

G.C.E. (O/L) result improvement program

Vision & Mission


Initiating proper educational development programs with the national and provincial levels coordination towards a quality educational development


Coordinating provincial and national level institutions and taking necessary steps to integrate activities towards curriculum development

Main Functions

Maintaining the coordination activities on national and provincial levels

Providing transport facilities of the staff officers for official purposes per one day

Vision & Mission


Creating a generation filled with confidence and respect on religion and characterizing such moral values


Support to build up a life style according to the own religion and making them understand the religious teaching and practices in order to create a better society and protect socially accepted traditions and values to find mechanism in order to make others as well as own life fortunate

Main Functions

Implementing subject development programs

Capacity building in order to develop student morals

Organizing special religious ceremonies

Vision & Mission


Creating Sri Lankans with good morale enriched with knowledge and profession al skills enabling to confirm with the future Global, Commercial and Economy.


By facing the challenges of the global commercial world bringing out the student's potentials by providing opportunities to develop knowledge, attitudes & skills for the economic & social development of SriLanka

Main Functions

Implementing subject development program related to the following G.C.E. (O/L) subjects

* Business and Accounts
* Entrepreneurship education

Implementing subject development programmes related to the following (A/L) Subjects in vocational stream.

Entrepreneurship Skills Event Management

Coordinate with NIE on developing curriculum, teacher guides, in introduction and amendments

Coordinate with Department of Examination on conducting examinations on commerce subjects

Providing opportunities for the students to obtain combined practical knowledge related to commerce stream subjects.

Vision & Mission


To give aesthetic human being to the nation.


Building a proper society in which the child socializes himself being cooperative interactive and enjoying the meaningful behavior along with the teachers guidance and direction

Main Functions

Empowering the competencies to the students through improving the quality of education on the subject such as drawing, dance (Sinhala, Bharatha}, music (oriental, western), play and drama (Sinhala, Tamil, English)

Capacity building of the teachers

Preparing suitable foundation to the society filled with talent and experience

Providing necessary assistance to the National Institute of Education to prepare the school syllabus with good quality in order to develop the school children’s educational achievements

Vision & Mission


Widening horizons through language diversity to explore the world


Empowering future generations to be multilingual (minimum bilingual) using English as a tool presenting Sri Lankan identity

Main Functions

Preparation of concept papers to be considered in formulation of policies related to Bilingual Education program and coordinating with the National Education Commission on such policies

Preparation of proper implementation methodologies for Bilingual Education and implement them

Designing and maintaining a database and information system on Bilingual Education program

Conducting capacity development programs for teachers, officers and resource persons in collaboration with the National Institute of Education

Provide guidance for activities relevant to teachers

Relevant research and development activities

Vision & Mission


Being the creators of a generation of children who have realized the contribution Mathematics can make for the existence of future world and the development of the country and empowered with the skills related to it and respect and love Mathematics


Guiding through coordination the performance of all the institutions affiliated to the ministry of education within the approved policy framework that contributes to the provision of equal opportunities for the children of the country to achieve happily and enthusiastically the expected competencies in Mathematics and contributes to reach a higher quality level of education through motivation and constant monitoring

Main Functions

Creating the principle framework necessary for proper orientation of curriculum, textbooks, evaluation and teaching learning process in collaboration with the national institute of education, education publications department, department of examination and provincial departments of education under a common objective for the subject of Mathematics in line with the national goals

* Analyzing the textbooks, syllabuses and examinations at the international level

Improving student achievement through the evaluation of teachers and students implementing student and teacher motivation programs at the zonal level throughout the country in order to reach the targets reflecting the quality development of Mathematics

* Improving student achievement through the evaluation of teachers and students implementing student and teacher motivation programs at the zonal level throughout the country in order to reach the targets reflecting the quality development of Mathematics

* Provincial level motivational program for island wide school Mathematics quiz and drama competition

* Holding the function for awarding the medals and certificates of island wide school Mathematics quiz and drama competition

* Program of evaluating teachers and students for improving the achievement level of Mathematics

* Conducting student camps and programs and presenting awards in order to improve the achievement level of Mathematics

Implementing active programs for gifted students even with the help of external resources in order to create mathematicians which directs the Sri Lankan student generation for new invention mechanism and creating necessary background for obtaining higher achievements by providing international level experiences

* Program for the gifted students

Provision of high level teacher capacity building opportunities and learning infrastructure with the contribution of university resources and through theme based software Mathematics learning aids and Mathematics laboratories for strengthening the teaching learning process by using new methodologies to learn difficult abstract concepts through friendly concrete experiences

* Preparation of teacher instructional manuals and teachers’ guides for capacity building and subject orientation teacher development programs of Sinhala medium Mathematics teachers in national schools

* Provision of theme based Mathematic support modules to empower the teachers in 1000 secondary schools in order to develop the teaching learning methodology under an information technology background

* Conducting short term local training programs for in service advisers of Mathematics

* Printing the book “ Teacher and Student Instructional Manual on Using the Mathematic Instruments” in English and Tamil media to distribute among 1000 secondary schools with Mathematics Laboratories and at zonal levels

* Preparation of teacher instructional manuals and teachers’ guides for capacity building and subject orientation teacher development programs of Tamil medium Mathematics teachers in national schools

* Providing professional assistance for the integrated computer supported Mathematics learning program implemented for the teachers in 1000 secondary schools

Monitoring and supervision activities assigned for the branch and provincial and contemporary monitoring and supervision done through national monitoring program

* National and provincial integrated monitoring program

* Conducting planning and progress review sessions quarterly

* Implementation of the recommendations of Special Advisory Committee for Mathematics and conducting executive committee meetings

Vision & Mission


- Providing science knowledge, attitude and competency for daily life

- Producing suitable citizens for the modern world

- Providing opportunities for the necessity of future higher education

- Producing Eco friendly citizens


Providing necessary science knowledge for technological society

Main Functions

Science field centers related activities - capacity building of the teachers and officials

Science programs for daily life - conducting teacher and student practical programs with the help of National Institute of Education and universities

Supplying of science instruments and services - provide recommendations to procure the science-lab instruments and chemical stuff, capacity building trainings for laboratory assistants

Vision & Mission


Producing citizens with talented learning culture to face the future challenges of the world in order to suit the needs of the nation


Developing potentials of the children through the competency based teaching process focusing their skill development and the entrepreneurship towards the work force of the country

Vision & Mission


Sustainable agriculture development and environment protection through agricultural education


Improvement of student potentials so as to direct them towards entrepreneurship and skills development with optimistic attitudes regarding agriculture

Main Functions

Providing necessary recommendations and contribution to the National Institute of Education for the preparation and revisions of the syllabuses related to the subject of agriculture at G.C.E. (A/L) and (O/L)

Providing necessary recommendations and contribution to the National Institute of Education for the preparation and revisions of the syllabuses related to the subject of Bio-System Technology under the subject stream of New Technology at G.C.E. (A/L)

Implementation and monitoring the subject of Bio-System Technology and the subjects related to the field of Agriculture within the school system

Deciding performance indicators and providing standards in relation to Agriculture subjects

Arrange training requirements and conducting capacity building programs for the teachers of Agriculture, In-service Advisors of Agriculture and Agriculture Education Officers

Organizing, planning and conducting Agriculture practical programs at the national level. For example – establishing school farms

Organizing and implementation of school based agricultural programs according to the national agricultural policies

Conducting agricultural competitions and exhibitions at provincial and national levels

At national level for the protection of environment

* Planting fruit seedlings at the auspicious time of Hindu and Sinhala New Year

* “Green” school program

* Observations and data analysis for a better environment preservation (Globe environment education program)

* Organizing and implementation of “Protect the Earth” program

* Coordination of the environmentalist’s program

* Implementation of special student projects relating to the environment

Coordination of the school agricultural and environmental programs with the ministry of agriculture, the ministry of economic development, the ministry of environment and the central environmental authority

Submission of requirements and the preparation of specifications for purchasing Globe environmental education equipment and for purchasing necessary equipment for the subject of Bio-System Technology within the subject stream of Technology and also for purchasing necessary agricultural equipment for national schools