Director General (Finance)

Vision & Mission


Utilize funds fruitfully for the educational development of the children of the country


Disburse and direct the recurrent funds allocated for the Ministry of Education under the head of expenditure No. 126 by the annual budget and the imprest issued by the treasury to the sub offices (National schools, assisted schools, privenas, Teacher Training Colleges and National Colleges of Education) to carry out their plans to meet their needs according to the financial management process providing the necessary financial details to the Treasury

Main Functions

Preparation of expenditure estimate of the ministry

Allocation of recurrent expenditure provisions and maintain a ledger

Issue imprest to all sub offices that come under the Ministry and maintain the imprest account

Preparation of appropriation account of the recurrent expenditure

Submit the summary of accounts of the Ministry to the Treasury

Main Functions

Purchasing, storing and distributing the stationery and other commodities of the Ministry of Education and Minister’s office, based on the requirement

Procurement of capital items, maintaining and service, all printing activities of the ministry

Conducting board of survey followed by inquiries and deducting for damages and shortages of the National Colleges of Education and Teacher Training Colleges

Updating and maintaining the asset register of the ministry as per the F.R.66.104

Vision & Mission


Contribute to provide satisfied retirement period to the employees retired from Ministry of Education


Preparation of pensions of retired employees of Ministry of Education in efficient manner and ensure their development welfare.

Main Functions

Preparing payments of the retiring officers

Investigation on F.R. and related matters

Supervising the financial transactions of National Schools, Training colleges and National Colleges of Education

Main Functions

Preparation of estimates on capital budget including foreign funded projects such as ADB, ESDG (WB), UNICEF, UNESCO, Save the Children, releasing funds, submit expenditure reports and handle appropriation account

Preparation of the estimates on advance "B" account, release funds, prepare annual consolidated comparison statement for the officials of the Ministry and the 341 National Schools, 18 National Colleges of Education, 100 Teacher Centers and 10 Teacher Training Colleges

Coordinate financial and account activities of the institutions that come under the purview of the Ministry, such as National Institute of Education, Department of Examinations, Educational Publication Department, National Library & Documentation Service Board

Release approvals under F.R.115

Main Functions

Making all recurrent and capital payments

Making payments on advance 'B' account

Preparing the final advance 'B' account

Supplying necessary information for the final accounts

Being responsible for the Auditor General

All payment related matters on salaries and allowances of the officers of Ministry of Education