School Affairs

Additional Secretary - School Affairs

Vision & Mission


Creating a proud independent minded citizen imbued with moral and behavioral traits


Implementing Education programs to raise the level of skills of all children, adults, those who have left the formal education stream and those with special education needs with a view to molding dignified citizen who satisfies national and global requirements

Vision & Mission


To present a healthy and active generation of children to the nation.


To make the school children healthy, empower the ones with self-ability to promote health in his family and the community and to prepare them for taking maximum advantage from the available educational opportunities.

Main Functions

Programme of providing meals for school children

School health promotion programme

Assisting for the maintenance of school dental clinics

Sustainable school development programme

Specific Objectives

Minimizing the nutritional issues among the school children

Promotion of health and dietary habits

Development of health facilities

Vision & Mission


Giving necessary guidance to maintain the uniformity in the school system to produced talented children ensures the provisions of education that brings forth fruitful future generation to our motherland


Making such regulations to offer scholarships to the talented children of our mother land conforming the widely opened educational opportunity

Main Functions

Providing schools to Grade Five Scholarship holders

Implementing other scholarship schemes

Implementing programs of school development

Coordinating school based assessment activities

Conducting Dr. C.W.W. Kannangara memorial day program

Vision, Mission & Objective


Providing guidance to the school children in Sri Lanka for reading only the quality books


Checking the quality of books coming to the school libraries from local and foreign sources and selecting the suitable books for safeguarding the national identity and morality


Implementation of criteria mentioned in the phrase 19A of the Statute Regulations for Assisted, Vernacular, Bilingual and English Schools published in the government gazette on 29th February 1952 saying that the approval must be given as a school book to the books with quality and also to provide recommendations on behalf of the secretary.

Main Functions

Identifying the quality books

Sensitizing the publication institutions to obtain the approved certificate of the Ministry of Education as a school library book

Conducting workshops to sensitize the book reviewers

Conducting meetings of the Education Publication Advisory Board

Organizing programs to sensitize the school children, principals, writers, publishers and book reviewers

Publishing advertisements in Sinhala, Tamil and English newspapers to recruit qualified reviewers for book reviewing

Identifying the reviewers and sending the manuscripts which are received by the Education Publication Advisory Board to the suitable reviewers

Giving approval / rejecting / showing the editions of the books submitted to the monthly meetings

Providing recommendations to the Board for special tasks and taking other decisions

Approving and signing the library permit on behalf of the Education Secretary

Identifying the books that must be give the permission charging only the royalty and providing facts to the Board on the issuance of the permit for it