Protect forever- The children of the Nation

Free insurance scheme for all Sri Lankan students from the Government

“SURAKSHA” Student Insurance Scheme is a programme conducted by the Government of Sri Lanka according to the budget proposal of 2017, under the theme “Protect forever – The Children of the Nation”.

The main objective of the Ministry of Education is socialization of children empowered with skills and knowledge, and the existence of a protective environment is an essential factor for students in all age levels in order to achieve this objective.

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Ministry of Education has taken necessary steps to ensure physical and psycho-social well-being of students and has introduced a Health Insurance Scheme to cover diseases, accidents and disabilities experienced in schools or outside the school premises.

Suraksha Student Insurance Scheme introduces to fulfill its objectives such as increase school attendance by providing quick health services in case of diseases, accidents and disabilities, to increase contribution for the 13 years schooling initiative and support to obtain required treatments in a disability condition covering all Sri Lankan school students.

All Sri Lankan students in the age limit between 5-21-years of age who are registered in all government schools, private schools with government aid or not, Pirivenas, semi-government schools and international schools are the beneficiaries.