Hon. Minister of Education

Young Life

The MP’s ambition and insight within the political spectrum is no doubt prevailing, much so evident in today’s public governance system. A southern native of Sri Lanka MP Alahapperuma was born in Matara, May 14, 1959, hailing from a background which depicts education as a significant tool in creating positive, constructive change. The MP’s retired mother and father (late) were both school principals in their home town of Matara.

After the completion of his primary and elementary years of education at St. Servatius College in Matara (1966 – 1976) his perseverant personality progressed right through his secondary years of study at Ananda College, Colombo (1977 – 1980). Not only excelling as a true debater in his group and a passionate contributor to the school’s magazines and also to the local newspapers, but moreover a cricketer for the school team as well. These all round qualities did not go unnoticed within the school society and he was soon nominated as a student leader.

Subsequently, MP Alahapperuma went on to pursue his first delve into university education in Romania, which earned him a Diploma in Political Philosophy from Stephan Gogium, in 1981.

Entering Into His Profession

Experiencing law school at a stage of his higher learning (1986 - 1988), the MP went on to settling well into positions of full-time journalism, serving as news editor to leading local tabloid newspapers, a few in particular being some of the most designated for national news island wide —‘Lakmina’ and then for ‘Lakdiva’ and ‘Hiru’ consecutively. While his contributions to journalism continued he had simultaneously begun venturing into the political arena in the years that followed (1988 – 1994).

Professional Life

In 1993 he contested in the Southern Provincial Council elections which won him the highest number of preferential votes for the Matara District and in the by-election thereafter in 1994, following his conscious efforts toward raising awareness in human rights. His meticulous work did not fail to capture the entirety of the public eye, alongside other political heavyweights, winning him a position, within that same year and at the tender age of 35, as a Member of Parliament once again exceeding others in preferential votes, in the District of Matara —a significant milestone that immensely boosted his political career.

He left the field of politics in 2001 to pursue education, however not before serving time as the Deputy Minister for Cultural Affairs in which he was appointed in 1998. The MP attained his diploma in Political Science in 2004, at University of Iowa, USA and once more put his best forward into Parliament in 2005 becoming a National List Member. He was thereafter appointed as the Minister of Transport in 2006 and served in the position for five years prior to the cabinet reshuffle designating him as the Minister of Youth Affairs and Skills Development in 2010.

Admiring the tremendous service, MP Alahapperuma has given to the Education sector in SL, he was offered with an Honorary Doctor rate in Education from the University of Plymouth, one of the UK’s most prestigious university in 2013.

Dullas has been reelected as a Member of Parliament, being the Top of the preferential votes’ list in Matara District, at the Parliamentary election held in August, 2015. Now he is the Cheif Organizer of the Joint Opposition.

MP Alahapperuma has unannimously been elected as the President of SL-China friendship association of Members of Parliament in October, 2015.

After the newly elected President assuming duties in November, 2019, Dullas has been appointed as the Minister of Education and Sports & Youth Affairs.


In 2012, United Nations has decleared July 15 as the International Youth Skills day on a request made by MP Alahapperuma, when he was the Minister of Youth & Skills Development of SL.

In 2013, MP Alahapperuma steered the Commonwealth Youth forum in par with the Commonwealth Summit. 2014 saw the World Youth Conference held on Sri Lankan turf thanks to the MP’s gracious request to the United Nations in honoring the city of Colombo with the opportunity of hosting such a vital event.

Personal Life

A devoted father to his to two young boys aged 20 and 19 and husband to a renowned and talented performing artist, Pradeepa Dharmadasa, who is his wife of 21 years, MP Alahapperuma is also an unswerving family man.

Dallas Alahapperuma
Minister of Education