Secretary-General Sri Lanka National Commission for UNESCO


“Perform as a national coordinating centre for achieving peace and sustainable   development through education, scientific, cultural, communication and environmental subjects contributing to entire philosophy of UNESCO.”


“Develop mutual cooperation among the nationalities in Sri Lanka through education, science, culture, communication and environmental subjects for further development of global reputation/dignity for justice, law, administration, human rights and basic independence certified for human beings of the world without any difference of nationality ,sex ,languages or religion by the United Nation’ covenant. ”

Functions of the Branch 

Work in collaboration and coordination with each ministry to achieve the development relevant to education, science, culture, mass communication, sociology and environment for obtaining national sustainable development by aligning local development vision to UNESCO criteria.

The Government and NGO join hands with other institutions working with UNESCO to certify peace and sustainable develop.

Implementation of pilot project programmes to examine how far the new concepts are successful in the local school system prior to initiation of such concepts.

Operate to obtain an international reputation and safety for local heritages and novelties in local development.

Take actions to conduct national and international seminars, training workshops in coordination with institutions related to UNESCO.

Take actions to obtain funds needed for implementation of UNESCO global concepts and projects that suite our country