Dr.Kithsiri Prasanjith Munagama

Additional Secretary, Information Technology & Digital Education

Vision & Mission


Digital Bridge through Education


Knowledge based society through information and communication technology education

Main Functions

Recommending policies on ICT

Empowering students of National Colleges of Education with knowledge

Development of subject related electronic content

Conducting IT BPO awareness program for school students with the partnership of ICTA and private sector organizations

Conducting special projects on ICT and coordination with relevant organizations

Coordinating the official e-mail facility under domain

Coordination of all subject development activities such as preparation of curriculum, capacity building and preparation of text books

Developing school ICT centers

Ministerial coordination with the Information Communication Technology Agency (ICTA)

Maintenance of computers and accessories in school ICT laboratories with support of hardware and network solution team

Developing and updating official web site of the Ministry of Education

Provision and development of physical and human resources necessary for the implementation of ICT subject

Introducing and development of e-learning within the school system –for this purpose creating subject related software and implementing the “e-Thaksalawa” learning content management system

Coordinating, implementing and monitoring 'One Laptop per Child' project

Empower and monitor school level hardware and network solution team through hardware and network solution pool

Support provincial and zonal education officials to improve ICT infrastructure facilities and human resources

Recruiting ICT teachers to education system

Implementing the national level “School Information and Communication Technology Champions” competitions

Supervision and monitoring ICT subject in school level

Collection of information to be published in the ministry website

Planning projects to introduce ICT to school leavers in order to prepare them for job market

Vision & Mission


Enhancing the economic efficiency & equity in education system


Supply of educational information to education planners, researchers & administrators to develop an education system with equity & efficiency

Main Functions

Data processing & analysis

Preparation of educational indicators

Supply of educational data & information to end users

Forcal Point of supplying Sri Lankan Educational data for UNESCO

Maintenance of educational database

Identification of trends

Mapping of schools for GIS (Geographical Information System)