Special Investigation Branch


Special Investigation (2nd floor)


Empowering the human resource within the legal framework while protecting the discipline and dignity of the education sector

Assisting to achieve national educational goals and to maintain the educational institutions including schools, colleges of education, teachers’ colleges and teacher centers effectively and efficiently as places full of competent and disciplined people and won the public trust


Functions of the Branch

  • Engage in the investigation duties delegated by the secretary of education, additional secretary (administration and finance), senior assistant secretary (establishment and discipline) in relation to the ministry of education, colleges of education, teachers’ colleges, teacher centers and schools
  • Investigation matter of Ministry of Education and National school, National Colleges of Education and other related organization under the purview of Ministry of Education and in provincial schools on special approval of Secretary Education
  • Taking steps to find solutions for sudden critical situations created in those institutions
  • Engage in the follow up and remedial actions in relation to above situations
  • Providing necessary assistance to various duties organized by different sections of the ministry of education
  • Perform relevant duties, assisting the activities organized by the ministry of education connected with policies of the government
  • Extending fullest cooperation for the professional development activities of all the officers in the special investigating unit


Staff Details

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