“Take action to provide the textbooks prescribed for the year 2020 on the very first day of the first school term” – Instructions from the Commissioner General of Education Publications to the heads of schools

pubThe school textbooks printed for the year 2020 have already been distributed by the Ministry of Education to all schools having more than 1500 students. The textbooks relevant to all the other schools have been given to the Divisional Education Offices and Cluster school centers, the Education Publications Department states.

But it has been revealed that the schools having less than 1500 students to which the ministry has not directly provided the textbooks have not given all the textbooks to the children and they have not taken all necessary books to their schools from the Divisional Education Offices and cluster school centers.

Therefore, the commissioner General of Education Publications requests from all heads of schools to receive all textbooks relevant to their schools and take action to distribute them among students on the very first day of the first school term of the year 2020 and if there is any information regarding the shortages of textbooks, to give a phone call to the number 0112784815.

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