Commemoration of 'Suraksha' National Student Insurance Day on 7th of December 2017....... Lots of public awareness programms island wide.....

logo eDecember 07th has been named as the National Student Insurance Day to mark the provision of Suraksha student insurance which was introduced at national level on the theme of “Let’s protect our children forever”. Suraksha student insurance is implemented with the aim of safeguarding the physical and mental health of children and to support them to achieve a better future through this scheme. The need for sensitizing the school community including the parents and children about this program and the ways of claiming the benefits of it had been emerged and therefore the ministry of education has made arrangements to make the school children and the school based community aware of this special program on 07th December island wide.

This island wide program has been due on Thursday 07th December and the sensitizing program is due be held at the morning g assembly on that day with lectures and a handout on this subject. The steps have been taken to issue a circular including all particulars of this program to the heads of the institutions including the schools and Pirivenas.

The Suraksha student insurance scheme that was implemented under the leadership of The Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam was activated from the World Children’s Day which fell on the first of October. Under this program each school child is entitled for an insurance cover worth of two hundred thousand rupees a year and about 45 hundred thousand students of school going age studying in 11,242 schools including all government schools, assisted private schools, non-assisted private schools, international schools and Pirivenas. The benefits of this scheme can be obtained through the Sri Lanka Insurance Cooperation.

The government will bear all expenses in this regard and the parents of the children do not have to pay anything. The money allocated by the ministry of education for this purpose is nearly 03 billion rupees.

Under the Suraksha student insurance scheme, a student is entitled to receive Rs.10,000.00 for outdoor treatments, up to Rs.100,000.00 in case of hospitalization, Rs.100,000.00 in a sudden death of a school child and Rs.75,000.00 in an event of a sudden death of the mother or father of the child. The students will receive more benefits such as in case of total disability of a child, he is entitled for Rs.100,000.00 and in a partial disability from Rs.50,000.00 to 100,000. So far a large number of students have been receiving the benefits of this Suraksha student insurance scheme.

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