In relation to the information published in print media, social media web sites and trade union statements about a teacher subjected to a transfer as a result of writing poems in his own Face Book page

fbFirst of all I express that these media reports have been published depending on false information.

It is mentioned with responsibility that an inquiry has not been conducted by the Ministry of Education only in relation to writing poems in his face book page by a teacher of Kuliyapitiya Central College.

According to a complaint made by the principal of this school saying that when the activities of the school are properly implemented, several teachers in the same school are creating obstacles and therefore asking to take necessary steps for

conducting a formal inquiry about it and also some of the teachers criticize the school management and the principal through social media networks, the Ministry of Education had started an inquiry about the conduct of relevant teachers. At the moment that inquiry has been completed and the relevant teacher has been cleared from those allegations.

This teacher had to be transferred on the reason of filling the vacancies created due to the transfer of seven teachers of Narammala Mayurapada College on the ground of breach of discipline. In any way this transfer has no connection with the disciplinary inquiry held about the relevant teacher. Since the transfer is from one national school to another national school no injustice has been done to this teacher. When the filling of vacancies happened unexpectedly in Narammala Mayurapada College, priority was given to the applications received from other national schools and in addition to that the excess teachers from neighboring schools were also taken for placement. These transfers have been done according to the powers vested in the Ministry of Education and these transfer decisions are taken as to balance the shortages and excesses present in the schools.

Furthermore, in the last instruction of the transfer letter dated 06.06.2017 issued to this teacher which was published in some web sites, it has mentioned that if there is any objection to this transfer that can be informed within two weeks time. But I express with responsibility until the occasion of preparing this media communiqué, any such objection or appeal has not been received. And also the principal of Narammala Mayurapada College has reported to the Ministry of Education that the teacher has reported for work at the new service station following the instructions in the said letter.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that because of this kind of sensitive media reports prepared using the false information, not only the minister in charge of the subject but also the education authorities also become disturbed and the entire field of education is subjected to an immense disrepute. According to the administrative procedures the relevant teacher has not forwarded even an appeal regarding this transfer. In such instance, it is very clear even with the knowledge of administration and law the trade unions like The Lanka Teachers’ Association are trying to gain a mere media publicity and popularity through issuing media communiqués based on false information.

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