At present, the schools in the western province have been opened for the students who are scheduled to sit for G.C.E. Ordinary Level examination in March and it is searched for the possibility of opening the other schools also in the western province for the remaining grades under the strict health protecting guidelines before the
The period of validity of the school uniform vouchers issued to grade one students in 2020 has been extended until 28.02.2021. This decision has been taken considering the information received by the ministry of education saying that the school uniform material could not be purchased for the vouchers issued to some students due the reasons
It is scheduled to give appointments to the national pedagogical science diploma holders of the 2016 / 2018 study year to the grade 3 – 1 (ii) of Sri Lanka teacher service effective from 18.01.2021. The list of names of the diploma holders scheduled to be given the appointments to the national schools together with
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