The Minister of Education said that the government has identified it is successful to encourage the universities to conduct the courses most suitable for each of them in the process of developing the universities. Accordingly it is a great success to be able to provide an audio visual education unit complete with all the facilities
The Minister of Education Professor G.L. Peiris mentioned that a special work load has to be done for the development of school education in the Northern Province under the interference of the government and the steps will be taken to identify the priorities and the actions will be taken to implement them practically after searching
The Minister of Education Professor G.L. Peiris mentioned that the physical health and nutrition of each child is so important but more than that it is very important the child to be mentally healthy and free of depression.    The minister expressed these ideas while participating in a function held today (03) at the Ananda College,
The education secretary Professor Kapila Perera issued a special clarification to the media today (01) regarding the submissions made by the parents and the teachers’ unions to the presidential secretariat with regard to the high rank of the district cut of marks for providing schools on the basis of the results of grade 5 scholarship
At present, the schools in the western province have been opened for the students who are scheduled to sit for G.C.E. Ordinary Level examination in March and it is searched for the possibility of opening the other schools also in the western province for the remaining grades under the strict health protecting guidelines before the