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The National Youth orchestra 25th Anniversary Concert 2017

The National Youth Orchestra was established in 1992 by the Aesthetic Branch in order to provide all students in the country the opportunity to learn, appreciate and perform Western orchestral music and it has successfully continued to serve its objectives over these many years thus gaining recognition as the flagship project of the Ministry of Education.

This training programme takes place every Saturday during school term time and is open to students from all parts of the country and is assisted by Volunteer officers of JICA.

This year the National Youth Orchestra celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a special Concert which included the participation of 200 voice choir made up of students from several provinces.

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Mr. B. Sanath Pujitha commences duties as the acting Commissioner of Examinations

In the morning today (16) Mr. B. Sanath Pujitha commenced his duties as the acting Commissioner of Examinations. That is to fill the vacancy created as a result of the attachment of former Commissioner General of Examinations Mr. W.M.N.J. Pushpakumar to the ministry of education.

Mr. Sanath Pujitha appointed to the post of acting commissioner of examinations has served in various designations for about 30 years in the ministry of education and several institutions attached to it. Among these posts, he has worked as Assistant Commissioner of Examinations, Deputy Commissioner of Examinations and the Commissioner of Examinations (Monitoring and Administration) in the Department of Examination. He has also served as the Director of Examinations and the Deputy Director General of the faculty of research and planning in the National Institute of Education.


The head of the section of confidential and institutional exams of the Department of Examination has been interdicted.

The Deputy Commissioner who worked as the head of the section of confidential and institutional exams of the Department of Examination has been interdicted from today. This has been done because of several complaints of negligence of duties and misappropriation of conduct.

Accordingly, the Secretary of Education Mr. Sunil Hettiarachchi has issued the letter of interdict with immediate effect with the pending approval of the Education Service Committee of the Public Service Commission.

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The younger brother who attended the practical test on behalf of his elder brother has taken into police custody.

A younger brother who participated in the practical test on behalf of his elder brother has been taken into police custody. This was happened while the practical tests are being held at Panagoda army camp in relation to the recruitment of school sports trainers by the ministry of education.

The practical tests of the applicants from Ampara district were held last Friday at the Panagoda army camp. This person has appeared at this occasion impersonating another candidate representing Ampara district.

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The first program of Oracle certified “Java Basics” teacher training course has successfully ended

According to the memorandum of understanding between Sri Lanka Institution and the ministry of education, the first workshop of Oracle certified “Java Fundamental” training course was held at the computer lab of the Information and Communication Branch from 06.11.2017 to 10.11.2017. Indian national Mr. Srinivas participated as the chief trainer in this program and 25 teachers successfully completed training and they were awarded a certificate as Oracle trainers. Furthermore, the students of those schools have the opportunity to obtain the Oracle certificate after being trained under these teachers.

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The provision of foreign training for the officers in teacher educators service begins for the first time in the history of colleges of education….

Under the instructions of The Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam, the air tickets were given recently at the ministry of education to 35 officers who had never been given any foreign training so far in the history of the colleges of education to follow a two weeks training in the Utara University in Malaysia under the capacity building foreign training program.  

Under the first stage of this program 35 qualified officers of the teacher educators’ service left for foreign training on 25th of last month and another 35 officers leave this time under the second stage of the same program. While exchanging his ideas with the group at this occasion, the minister of education said that two billion rupees have already been allocated by the government for providing local and foreign trainings to the teachers.

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Special investigation under the direction of the minister of education about the participation of school children in protest marches

The incidents of the participation of school children in protest marches obstructing their education under the misleading influence of some sections have been reported recently and the Minister of Education has instructed the officers to do a special investigation in this regard and submit a report.

The ministry of education had received several complaints regarding the inducement of school children for the participation in illegal protest marches without the consent of their parents or teachers by some sections with the intention of achieving their political aims. It had been mentioned in the most of them that various sections had gathered near the schools and tried forcefully to take students involved in those activities.

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Every possible measure will be taken for the welfare of teachers – The minister of education says at the “Guru Prathibha Prabha” 2017 award ceremony.

The Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam says that every possible measure will be taken for the welfare of all the teachers in the education system in the country. The minister expressed these ideas while attending the “Guru Prathibha Prabha” 2017 rewards awarding ceremony held today at the BMICH for appreciating the excellent teachers in the teacher service.

There are about two hundred and fifty thousand teachers within our education system contributing to the teaching and learning process. The government has drawn its full attention to promote their professional development in order to make them dedicated to the service, updated in knowledge and enable them to mould the children as outstanding lot, the minister mentioned at this occasion.

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Stern action against the teachers who instigate the children against the transfers - says the minister of education

The Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam says that he considers as his responsibility to take correct decisions for common sake though somebody may dislike it. The minister emphasized that there is no way to satisfy everybody in the educational policy formation just like distributing ice creams and he will dedicate to take bold decisions for the promotion of education system.

The minister expressed these ideas at the Devi Balika Vidyalaya, Colombo while participating as the chief guest in the certificate awarding ceremony to the winners of Children’s Arts Competition of Asia. The minister also explained at this occasion the matters relating to the program of teacher transfers in the national schools done by the ministry of education.

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“Suraksha” for the perpetual protection of our children….

We are now in front of a promising approach. In the history this type of stories were heard very rarely. This kind of a welfare project is launched for the first time not only in Sri Lanka but for the first time in South Asia.

The Ministry of Education under the directions of The Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam has started health insurance scheme covering all school children in the country. The insurer is the Sri Lanka Insurance Cooperation. All school going children of you and us between the ages of 05 to 19 have been covered under this insurance scheme. The insurance is launched under the theme of ‘Let’s Protect Our Children Perpetually”. It has been named as “Suraksha students insurance”.

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