Teacher Transfers

How to recruit teachers from Provincial Public Service to National School Service?

  • Appropriate application form (annex III) with 5 copies of the respective province has to be completed and handed over to the Zonal Director through the principal of the respective school

  • Recommendations have to be endorsed by the Zonal Director of Education /Provincial Director of Education / Provincial Secretary of Education on the application and submitted to the Provincial Public Service Commission

  • Respective Provincial Public Service Commission has to submit the consent to release the particular teacher to the Ministry of Education

  • If the Secretary Ministry of Education has agreed to make the transfer to the particular teacher, that has to be informed to the respective province

  • Once the teacher is released from respective province, the Director/Teacher Transfers issues the transfer letter to the appropriate National school


How to release teachers from National School Service to Provincial Public Service?

  • At least 7 years work has to be performed by the respective teacher

  • Disciplinary actions and audit inquiries have not to be taken for the respective teacher

  • Application designed for this category (annex II) to be completed with 4 copies and submitted to the Director/Teacher transfer by registered post with the recommendation of the principal

  • Secretary of the Ministry of Education should give the consent to release for the provincial service

  • Respective Provincial Public Service Commission has to agree to accept the transfer


How to transfer teachers among National Schools temporarily basis?

This effect only in following conditions

  • The teacher on pregnancy and whose place of work is too far from the home is entitle to get the attachment to the National school close to the home
  • To entertain this facility, the respective teachers have to submit the relevant documents with medical proof (pregnancy record card) through the principal to the Director/Teacher Transfer

Note –
1. The duration of the attachment is only 3 consecutive months prior to the delivery date
2. However considering the condition of the baby of the respective teacher can apply 1 year attachment on temporary basis through the principal. The certified copies of the documents including medical reports, birth certificate of the baby should be attached


How to get mutual teacher transfers among National Schools?

To apply for the mutual transfer both teachers have to be qualified from the followings

  • Subject of the appointment letter should be the same

  • Principal of the respective teachers should submit the letters of consent

  • Respective principal has to submit the completed application form (annex I) to the Director/Teacher transfer


How to get a transfer from a National School to another National School?

Transfers can be obtained from National school to another National school. In order to apply such transfers, application (this application only available in Sinhala /Tamil) to be completed with 7 copies and submitted to the Director/Teacher transfer by registered post with the recommendation of the principal


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