Message from the Secretary of Education

The aim of the present education is to actualize the vision of free education advocated by Dr. C.W.W. Kannangara the farther of free education.

'Only the son with good quality and knowledge is the best'

The universal village has been emerged when the mobile phone connected with the internet and the print and electronic media became the most powerful communication media of the modern technology.

Our main objective must be to direct our future generation who is the lifeblood of the nation towards a correct and independent direction. For that purpose, it has become inevitable contemporary requirement to implement the excellent educational policies of Dr. C.W.W. Kannangara.

In order to present a young generation with creative mental power and complete with good qualities and knowledge, the wise direction of the officers in all fields including myself and the intelligent contribution of the school community including the teachers and the parents is essential.

A large sum of money is utilized for the free education of the children of the nation and it must find the solutions for the issue of the successfulness of the teaching and learning process in the classroom, in other words the success of transferring methods of the culture to the children.

I further affirm that it is my prime responsibility to direct the education administration system with my full strength in order to present a young generation with creative mind and complete with good qualities and knowledge to the nation.


Padmasiri Jayamanna
Ministry of Education

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