Message from the State Minister of Education

The noble task of kindling the flame of wisdom of millions of the children who are the future of the nation lies with the ministry of education. A massive load of responsibility of creating a student generation full of knowledge, attitudes and skills lies with the entire Sri Lankan teacher community.

I consider that it is the special task of the ministry of education to formulate policies, manage efficiently the infrastructure, physical and human resources and to provide necessary strength and courage in order to withstand all future challenges with dignity as a true Sri Lankan without any racial, religious or cast discrimination.

I think as the state minister of education I have the responsibility to direct properly all the services related to education towards the betterment of all the races through the good governance and create a prosperous future for Sri Lanka through a quality development in education.

I strongly believe that you will take this ideal opportunity to receive new information on education and to submit your problems to us using this web site since this official web site of the ministry of education provides continuously the updated information on the general education in Sri Lanka to the local and foreign communities using the modern technology.

V.S. Radhakrishnan (MP)
Hon. State Minister of Education  

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