Aesthetic Education Branch



To give aesthetic human being to the nation.

Building a proper society in which the child socializes himself being cooperative interactive and enjoying the meaningful behavior along with the teachers guidance and direction

Functions of the Branch

  • Empowering the competencies to the students through improving the quality of education on the subject such as drawing, dance (Sinhala, Bharatha}, music (oriental, western), play and drama (Sinhala, Tamil, English)
  • Capacity building of the teachers
  • Maintaining the appropriate teaching and learning culture of the school while providing human and physical resources
  • Providing required assistance to all government and non-government organizations on the subject
  • Preparing suitable foundation to the society filled with talent and experience
  • Conducting competitions on all island school drawing ,dance,music, drama and performance art and western music etc. in order to nourish the school children’s talent, attitude and social interest, organizing and holding
  • Providing necessary assistance to the National Institute of Education to prepare the school syllabus with good quality in order to develop the school children’s educational achievements
  • Coordinate all the relevant authorities for the benefit of the aesthetic subject development

Staff Details

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Direct Extension
Director of Education 011-2784259 1183  011-2784259  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Deputy Director of Education   1174    
Assistant Director of Education   1186    
Assistant Director of Education   1185    
Assistant Director of Education   1173    
 Branch 011-2784259  1187    

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