National Schools Branch

 National Schools Branch (2nd Floor)



  1. Organization of programs for educational quality development of national schools and the formulation and implementation of policies necessary for proper management of physical and human resources
  2. Identify the requirements of national schools based on the timely changes and formulate the policies to fulfill them
  3. Proper placement of the national school staff and formulate the policies necessary for the efficiency of them and implement those policies


  1. Identify the physical and human resource requirements of the national schools and formulate the plans to fulfill them
  2. Planning a mechanism to maintain updated student particulars
  3. Analyzing the examination results of the national schools and planning a methodology for increasing the results
  4. Take necessary action to identify the special features of each national school and prepare plans to develop them
  5. Identify the issues arising in national schools and prepare plans to resolve them
  6. Plan to conduct series of seminars annually to increase the results of G.C.E. (O/L) and (A/L) examinations
  7. Preparation of plans on the admissions to fill the available vacancies in national schools from grade 1 to 11 (except grade 6) and provide recommendations to the secretary of education
  8. Plan to fill and balance the teacher vacancies in the national schools
  9. Preparation of plans necessary for updating the filling of principal vacancies in the national schools and informing the additional secretary (education quality development) and the additional secretary (education service establishment) about these vacancies before six months
  10. Planning and organizing the national school principals’ meeting every two months
  11. Inquire about the complaints against the national school teachers and principals and forwarding these complaints to the investigation division for proper investigation and take necessary actions to minimize these events
  12. Conducting the public day in a planned manner and find solutions to the problems of the people


  1. Maintain a proper coordination with the other branches of the ministry of education in order to implement various educational programs
  2. Maintain a good coordination with the staff of the National Institute of Education, zonal, provincial and national schools in the implementation of national school programs
  3. Maintain a proper coordination with theother sections of the ministry of education and the department of examinations in the activities related to the seminars for government examinations
  4. Develop the national schools through maintaining a positive relationship with the government organizations and the non-governmental organizations in line with the government policies

Capacity Building

  1. Organizing and implementing the training programs for developing the management skills of the teachers, assistant principals, deputy principals and the principals of national schools
  2. Organizing training sessions for the improvement of teaching learning process
  3. Arranging training programs for the non-academic staff


  1. Monitoring the school supervision programs conducted at the zonal, provincial and the ministry levels with the help of the director of management and quality assurance branch
  2. Monitoring the management programs and the performance achievement of the principals of the national schools
  3. Monitoring the annual and five year plans of the national schools
  4. Monitoring the performance of the staff of the national schools branch
  5. Monitoring activities of the financial management of the national schools


Staff details

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