Cabinet approval granted for providing bursaries to another 5000 students. Bursary is also increased up to 750 rupees…

bursary-scholarshipCabinet approval has already been granted to provide bursaries to another 5000 students who passed the cut off mark at grade five scholarship examination. This is a significant event as the increasing of the number of bursary receivers has happened after 11 years.
So far, only 15,000 students received the bursaries and the approval has been received to increase this number up to 20,000 as a result of a cabinet paper in this regard submitted on 13.08.2019 by the Minister of Education, Attorney at Law Akila Viraj Kariyawasam.

Accordingly, this bursary will be provided to the students from grade 6 to grade 13 and this will be a tremendous support for strengthening the learning process of students with economic difficulties and also it will further expand the free education opportunities.

Another special feature of this program is giving opportunities for receiving this bursary to the students with special needs who sit for the grade five scholarship examination. From among the 20,000 students scheduled to be given the bursaries, 250 will be selected from the students with special needs.

The government has implemented various measures to provide quality education opportunities to all children in the country and has taken necessary steps to increase the number of students receiving the bursaries as well as the payment of bursary amount has been increased from 500 rupees to 750 rupees. The approval has been received to pay this increased bursary from the first of January, 2019 and the government has provided 300 million rupees as additional allocations necessary for paying the arrears from the first of January.

The earlier practice was to pay the bursaries to the students who pass the cut off mark of the scholarship examination and on condition that their parents or guardians did not have a monthly income more than 4,500 rupees. But according to the cabinet approval received on 11.09.2019 this limit of income has been revised as 15,000 rupees.

Furthermore, after the year 2019 the power of deciding the income limit of the parents or guardians has been vested in the Secretary of the Ministry of Education through this cabinet paper.

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