Let’s work with the same objective disregarding the party or colour differences for the uplift of education system

19 0While greeting a very happy new year for all who work in different sections of the Ministry of Education, the Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam requested from them to perform their duties with a unanimous objective to

development the system of education without any party or colour discriminations.

The Minister expressed this today (01) in the morning while participating in the occasion of commencing the duties of the Ministry of Education.

The minister pointed out that the ministry of education must implement the policies and decisions that can yield the specific outcomes and he also emphasized that those things should be performed within a scheduled timeframe.

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The minister also pointed out if everybody works towards the same goal with a plan for the wellbeing of education system in the future, the expected targets can be achieved.

Further expressing his ideas the minister said that he, as the minister, implements the policies of the government, but not his own policies and in the same way all public servants are also bound to implement the government policies. He provides the leadership for the development of education system and if there is any wrong in the decisions taken thereby, any officer can discuss with him about them, the minister stated.

The government servants must work in accordance with the government that comes to power with a peoples’ mandate and if anybody goes against it, he will see it as going against the state but not merely a deed against the government, the Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam said at this occasion.

The ministry officials including the Secretary of Education and all the staff had joined in this occasion.

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