Agreement of Suraksha special fund is signed.

sur-Steps to increase the benefits for Suraksha student insurance beneficiaries
-This fund will be a solace to the parents who dedicate for their children – says the Minister of Education
The Agreement related to Suraksha special fund was signed today (30). It was between the Secretary of Education Mr. Sunil Hettiarachchi and the chairman of Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation Mr. Hemaka Amarasooriya. The benefits of Suraksha students insurance will be given to about four and half million students in national, provincial, international and private schools as well as to the lay and clergy students in Pirivenas.
The objective of Suraksha student insurance is to ensure the health security of the children in the country. When the parents and students face the economic difficulty of bearing the cost above two hundred thousand for illnesses and surgeries, this fund will be a strength and a relief for them.

On the request of The Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam this fund has been established with the contribution of Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation. The deposited amount in this fund at the first stage is 100 million rupees. Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation has expressed its willingness to deposit another 400 million rupees in this fund. It has been decided to provide from one hundred thousand rupees to one million rupees for the treatments of 18 medical requirements such as cancers, heart surgeries, treatment for kidney failures, transplant of organs (kidney, liver, bone marrow), blindness, deformations at birth, knee and elbow joint fractures happening in common accidents and brain surgeries.
In addition to this, during the discussion held after signing the agreement The Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam requested from the chairman of Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation to increase further the free benefits given to the school children through Suraksha student insurance. Accordingly it was decided to pay 75,000 rupees to the child in the event of a demise of his father or mother. (Earlier it had been decided to pay this amount only if a parent died in an accident. Now it was decided to pay 75,000 rupees to the child if the father or mother dies in an accident or any other circumstance effective from 1st of October 2017.)
Further discussions have been had to reach for an agreement regarding the provision of allocations for purchasing necessary equipment in case of eye and visual ailments.
Accordingly it will be possible in the future to provide those benefits also to the children.
The State Secretary of Education Mr. Thissa Hewawithana, a group of executive officers of the Ministry of Education and a group of officers of the Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation joined in this occasion.

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