Calling Applications for Korean Information Technology Training Program

The ICT Teachers, ICT In Service Advisors and ICT Instructors of CRCs could apply for this foreign training program which will be in August 2018.

Common Criteria.

  1. A teacher who teaches ICT as a subject for more than 5 years and has a period of teaching ICT for more than 5 years of uninterrupted, successive service by 20.05.2018.

2. ICT teachers should fulfill below mentioned qualifications other than above common criteria.

     3. Instructors of Provincial and Zonal ICT Centers should fulfill the below mentioned qualifications other than above common              criteria. 

     4. In service advisors (ISAs) should fulfill below mentioned qualifications other than above common criteria.

Kindly submit the certified copies of below mentioned documents along with the application


Certified Documents to be handed over

CRC Instructor


Details of courses coordinated and a copy of duty assigning letter.(all details and documents should be certified by Zonal Director and the Provincial/ Zonal ICT director)

ISAs appointed for ICT subject

Appointment letter as an ISA and Duty list (should certify by the Zonal Director of Education and the Provincial / Zonal ICT Director.)

ICT teachers

School time table of year 2018.( should be certified by the Principal of the relevant school and the Zonal Director of Education.)

Submission of Application
The completed application along with certified copies of documents to prove the above mentioned details and with relevant recommendations should be submitted to the Provincial ICT Director on or before 14th May 2018.
For consideration: The applications sent directly to the Ministry of Education will be rejected.