e-learning experience for school children from Digital Learning Experience Centre

digiThe ministry of education has established a Digital Learning Experience Centre to demonstrate new tools and learning methods to the school community through Digital Technology in line with the introduction of computer technology and e-learning projects under the directions of The Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam in order to empower the school community with new technology including school children and the teachers.

The demonstration programs of teaching a lesson in a classroom using new instruments in this center was held at the Digital Learning Experience Center of the ministry of education at 1.00 pm on 09.05.2017.

Ten students from grade 9 and the teacher in charge of Information and Communication Technology of Battaramulla Sri Subhuthi Central College in Sri Jayawardanapura education zone participated in this session. The lesson was conducted demonstrating a Science lesson of grade 9.

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Special thanks are expressed to the principal of Battaramulla Sri Subhuthi Central College for sending the students to the session and to the presenters who provided the resource contribution to the relevant program. In this way, the plans are being formulated necessary for conducting sessions related to teaching and learning for school children and the teachers.

Following the instructions of the Secretary of Education Mr. Sunil Hettiarachchi, the Information and Communication Technology Branch is taking necessary measures to take the Digital Learning Experience Centre more productively to the school community.

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