Wish a glorious Vesak which defeats the mythology by wisdom, the untruth by truth and the ignorance by science!

buduhimiWe are now celebrating the 2561st Vesak in the year of Buddhist Era. With the objective of celebrating the three auspicious events of the Lord Buddha, Buddhist people in all countries in the world commemorate venerably the Vesak day and it is more significant this time for Sri Lankans. It is a matter of pleasure that the international Vesak celebration and world Buddhist Summit are held in Sri Lanka.

Several programs at national level such as Vesak celebrations and decorations, pandals, displaying of lanterns are being conducted.

Parallel to this, the ministry of education also has organized several special programs in connection with all schools in the country. It can be considered as an achievement to be able to contribute to the international Vesak celebrations.

Buddhism is a philosophy gone beyond the nature of a religion. The Buddhism encourages people to accept the things that can be really understood by themselves rather than mere religious matters based only on beliefs. It teaches the way of giving up things going against the life of satisfying five senses. The Buddhism explains the principles of emancipation from unholy worldly life. Above all the Buddhism emphasizes the religious co-existence and the human right of religious beliefs. The Buddhists who follow the three fold venerable Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha work for the wellbeing of the society. They always stand for the progress of the society. The skills provided by Buddhism to win over the hearts of others is remarkable disregarding the political ideologies, professions or status, even if there are many opposing forces.

As the most responsible ministry in the process of molding people for the future and as the minister in charge of that subject, it is not so simple the workload that we have to bear up in the face of the celebrations with national importance. We have to build up a religious environment and a society where those values and morals are practically implemented. It is our duty to take collective support from every responsible section for this purpose. So I wish you a glorious Vesak which defeats the mythology by wisdom, the untruth by truth and the ignorance by science!

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