The teachers and principals report for the service as usual defeating the strike…

minThe Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam expressed his thanks to the teachers and the principals who dedicated for safeguarding the right to education of the children defeating the strike based on the power seeking political aims.

The effort made to destabilize the school education using the teachers and principals in the country by power seeking trade unions today was a total failure according to an investigation done by the Ministry of Education.

The attendance of the teachers in national schools has exceeded 90% as a whole. It has been reported that the attendance of the teachers in provincial schools is also above 88%. This is a normal situation when considered the duty leave, sick leave, maternity leave etc. taken by the teachers. But it is a special situation in some schools where the attendance is at 100% and 98% level.

However the attendance level in about 10 schools in several regions was low. But the principals of these schools had reported that it was possible to conduct the teaching activities without any obstacle.

The information have been received that some members of the trade unions related to this strike had entered the school premises yesterday, distributed leaflets and threatened the teachers to join and support the strike. And also several incidents of threatening and not allowing to sign the attendance registers for teachers and principals who ignored the influence of those people have been reported. These incidents done in the guise of wining of professional rights are thoroughly condemned as the ministry of education and we emphasize that this strike was defeated within the school system.

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