A special program from the minister of education for improving the English knowledge of the children

engThe Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam has decided to launch a special program for the promotion of English knowledge of school children.

In line with this, the minister of education has instructed the relevant officers of the National Institute of Education and the English and Foreign Languages Branch of the ministry of education about the introduction of a text book for Grades one and two in the schools. So far the text books have been prepared only for the Grades above the Grade 3.

The English language which is considered as a link language is an essential qualification that has to be acquired in the march towards a knowledge based economy. Accordingly, a special program is being implemented under the directions of the minister of education to improve the knowledge of English language along with the Sinhala and Tamil languages among the school children. As another step of this measure, the minister has instructed the officers to plan out a special program to develop the language teaching skills of the teachers of English.

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