Information & communication Technology Championship Competition-2018


  • Awareness Posters

1. Details of the Applicant

1. National Level School Software Competition (NSSC)

2. Young Computer Scientist Competition(YCS)

3Creative Teacher Competition

2.Forwarding Documents

1.National Level School Software Competition (NSSC)

i. Registration form

2.Young Computer Scientist Competition(YCS)

i. Registration form

ii. Entry submission form (submitwiththe CD)

3. Creative Teacher Competition  

i. Registration form-For Teachers

ii. Entry submission form (submit the CD) -For Teachers

i. Registration form- For Teacher Trainers

ii. Entry submission form (submit the CD)- For Teacher Trainers  

  •  Any further details about this Competition could be obtained from Director, Information and Communication Technology  Branch, 4th Floor, Ministry of Education, Isurupaya, Battaramulla.

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