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Training on Education Leadership & Management for School Leaders 2018-2019

With the view of transforming the system of education for a positive change that would bring about better student learning outcomes, the Ministry of Education, in partnership with British Council, has developed a cooperation framework for improving education quality in Sri Lankan schools.
This framework incorporates a training component on capacity development in leadership and management for school leaders. There will be 10 training centres operating countrywide with 9 training centres for provincial schools; one centre per province and one centre for national schools. Target number of school heads to be trained in 2018 will be 800. Programme consists of three phases.

Phase one – 5 day contact sessions in training venue by BC trained and certified leadership trainers.
Phase two – 12 week school based project on leadership and core skills implementation to be implemented in the schools where school heads work. Trainers will monitor and extend support as required.
Phase three – second 5 day contact sessions in training venues by BC trainers for evaluation and further training based on school based project.
The program has been scheduled to be commenced countrywide from 4th June 2018 in 10 training venues. The medium of instruction shall be English/Tamil or English /Sinhala. One training programme comprises of three phases of which phase 1 & 3 include five day in-house face to face contact sessions and phase 2 includes 12 week school based project in schools where the participants work. Participants will be facilitated and supported by trainers during 12 week school based project. In order to maintain the quality of training number of participants for one training programme shall be limited to twenty.
Participants to follow the training programme will be selected and nominated by Provincial Directors for Provincial schools and Director/ National Schools for National schools as per the criteria given below.
1. Selected / nominated participants must be currently serving as school heads or deputy school heads in provincial schools or National school.
2. Participants must be officers belong to Sri Lanka Education Administrative Service - Class I, II, III or Sri Lanka Principals’ Service - Grade I, II, III (preference shall be given to those principals recruited into said services recently)
3. They must be able to undergo the training within the period specified in the attached training schedule.
4. On completion of the training, participants must be able to act as agents of change and carry out proposed activities in their schools to bring about better student learning outcomes through sustainable change.
5. Selections / nominations of school heads for training programs in medium of instruction of participants’ choice should be made according to the training schedule attached.

The programme will be designed and implemented with the assistance of a U.K. based training consultant. 30 Lead trainers will be selected from SLEAS and SLPS officers to conduct training programs countrywide. Selected local trainers will be trained by the U.K. training consultant and they will be validated as certified trainers before deploying into training centres.

Application closing date for lead trainers will be 10th May 2018. Applicants should download application given below complete and mailed to the Project Coordinator, iTESL project, 5th Floor, Ministry of Education, Isurupaya, Battaramulla, under registered cover.

Project Coordinator
iTESL project
5th Floor
Ministry of Education,

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National Level Engllish Language and Drama Competition - 2017

The National Level English and Drama Competitions conducted by the Ministry of Education will be held on 30th of September, 01st, 07th and 08th of October, 2017 at the Thurston College, Colombo 03.

Winners of the 2017 Provincial Level Handwriting, Rectiation, Dictation, Creative Writing, Oratory and Drama competition are eligible to partici[pate in the National Level Competitions. 


iTESL – improving Teacher Education in Sri Lanka – Scope of the project

iTESL is a project initiated by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the British Council. The project aims better educating young people with the knowledge, skills, creativity and opportunities to contribute to the social and economic development of Sri Lanka. In perusing said aim, the Ministry of Education shall implement the iTESL program in collaboration with the British Council.

The project shall launch activities to enhance trainer, teacher and student practices and performance that would result from the adoption of better quality and integrated pre -service and in- service professional development programs operating within integrated frameworks and professional standards system. The program has three outputs.

OUTPUT 01 Coordinated and integrated Pre- and In- service teacher education training system which uses consistent principles in methodology and teaching practice in order to establish clear professional standards and practices among teacher educators and teachers.

1. Delivery of training packages across mixed groups of teacher educators (Pre- and In- service)
2. Technical assistance and support to MoE, NIE and Provincial Education authorities in agreed areas.

A coherent integrated mentoring system is designed and implemented by ISAs providing strengthen support to pre-service trainees, in-service teachers, and to teachers involved in SBTD and TC activities.

1. Delivery of training packages to mixed groups of teacher educators(Pre- and In-service)
2. Technical assistance and support to MoE, NIE and Provincial Education authorities in agreed areas.


OUTPUT 03 Improved capacity and capability among Principals and ADEs enabling them to act as agents of change to ensure implementation of good teacher education and teaching learning practices at school level
1. Delivery of training packages to principals in leadership and management.
2. Technical assistance and support to MoE, NIE and Provincial Education authorities in agreed areas.

 Project outline

The project shall commence from October 2017 and will continue for three years until 2020. There will be three training centers covering the entire country. Each center will conduct trainings for Teacher Educators, In-service advisors and principals in NCOEs, TTCs, TCs and schools in the provinces / districts assigned to the particular training center. The training programs will initially aim teacher educators in English, Science, Mathematics, IT and languages. 21 Lead trainers will be selected and trained by the visiting U.K. consultants in October 2017. Having completed one month training, those Lead Trainers will be assigned to three training centers: 7 Lead Trainers per center. They will conduct training sessions for Teacher Educators, principals and ISAs with the consultation of U.K. Consultants. After the training, in collaboration with the NCOE branch and Provincial Departments of Education iTESL project expect to monitor all trainees using a profile based monitoring framework to see how they would integrate what they have acquired during the training. During said monitoring sessions trainees will be given further support to increase / strengthen their trainer capacity.

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Pelawatta, Battaramulla
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