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Dr.(Mrs) M.M.Wehella
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Planing & Performance Review (3rd floor)


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Private Schools Branch



Providing a generation of citizens to the future who retain the national identity and spread the credibility of Sri Lanka at the international level

Assist to provide a quality education through the quality assurance of the private schools and give opportunities for children of the nation to yield the maximum results of education

Functions of the Branch

  • Teacher establishment affairs of the approved private schoolsApproving the appointments of teachers
    • Approving the retirements
    • Approving the foreign leave, study leave and medical leave
    • Approving the extension of services
    • Approving the suitable teacher cadre
  • Providing necessary guidance and instructions for improving the quality of education  in the approved private schools
  • Monitoring the private schools and supervising when it is necessary
  • Formulating necessary instructions, rules and regulations for  the approved private schools (circulars, instruction letters)
  • Coordinating with the external institutions for the development of private schools
  • Inquire into the matters arising from the implementation of curriculum and give necessary instructions to solve them
  • Taking necessary measures for the regularization of the international schools spread all over Sri Lanka

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Director of Education 011-2786013 1444  011-2786013 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Assistant Director of Education   1443    
Assistant Director of Education   1441    
 Branch 011-2786013   1441    

Sri Lanka UNESCO National Commission

Sri Lanka UNESCO National Commission (UNESCO) (5th floor)


By participating the programs of United Nations Educational, science and Cultural Organization, contributing to human development, protection of peace, freedom and welfare to make availability of harmony among people through  education, science, culture and communication to develop universal recognition further, for justice, law, administration, human and fundamental rights approved for the mankind of the world irrespective of differences of nationality, sex, language and religion & etc. by enactment of United Nation Organization

Functioning as national coordinating center of UNESCO, to provide contribution to all philosophies

Functions of the branch

  • To fulfill objects in the fields such as  education, science, culture, media, social  science and ecology & etc. implemented by the headquarters of UNESCO, assisting respective Ministries providing fullest cooperation
  • To achieve peace and firm development, acting jointly with government and non- government organizations, and organizations functioning along with UNESCO
  • Implementing UNESCO programs among national and international schools
  • Co-operating with UNESCO and institutions related to UNESCO, conducting conferences and training workshops, locally and internationally
  • To uplift up activities related to UNESCO projects, taking actions to obtain necessary fund


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(Hon. Minister of Education)
011-2784832 1333 011-2784832 
Secretary of Education 011-2784811 1336  011-2784811
Secretary General 011-2177006 1505  011-2177006
Accountant 011-2784834 1503  
 Branch 011-2177002/
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Monitoring & Planning of Education for All and Millennium Development Goal Branch


Monitoring, coordinating, planning of related activities of the education for all objectives and directing for appropriate policies

Identify the obstacles and minimize the identified obstacles to provide education for all in 2015 to ensure the quality education for all

Functions of the branch

  • Coordinating with relevant partners and making decisions on national level strategies and policies in order to achieve the objectives of education for all
  • Incorporate appropriate programs in the national education plans with the coordination of respective divisions in order to achieve the objectives of the education for all
  • Obtaining technical and financial assistance
  • Submitting the progress report to the ‘Parliament Committee for Education for All'


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Director of Education 011-2787136 1334 011-2787136   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
DeputyDirector of Education   1331    
Assistant Director of Education 1325  
Assistant Director of Education   1345    
 Branch 011-2787136 1330    

Statistics Branch


Collecting general education information, updating and providing for the relevant partners in order to achieve the mission of the Ministry of Education

Functions of the branch

  • Conducting annual school census
  • Along with the school census conduct census for private schools, pirivenas, National Colleges of Education, training colleges and institutes related to non formal education
  • Maintain island wide database system on education
  • Preparing and providing data for the needs of various Divisions of the ministry and other requirements
  • Calculating indexes for education
  • Conducting census and studies on special circumstances
  • Coordinating with Census and Statistics Department


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Senior Statistician 011-2785566 1332 011-2785566   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Statistician   1339    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Statistician   1924     
Statistician   1340    
Statistical Officer   1902     
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Policy and Planning Branch


Create appropriate planning culture and the policy framework to ensure equity, equality and efficiency in the General Education System of Sri Lanka

Identifying active policies which ensure equity, equality and efficiency according to the government policies related to the general education system and designing appropriate plans for long & medium term programs and projects that are successfully implemented

Functions of the branch

  • Analyzing and describing of existing education policies:

Developing, justifying and identifying the amendments of the policies on equity, quality and efficiency and analyze policies to eliminate the identified disparities exist mainly

  • Obtaining and investing foreign funds through discussing local and foreign partners to enhance the investment for general education system and preparation of education policies on investments
  • Assisting policy and planning recommendation committee participated by Ministry of Education and Provincial Education Authorities
  • Improving decisions on norms of the school structures, establishing criteria to grant resources to the schools and making suggestions to develop efficient school net work
  • Providing recommendations (to Research & Development branch of Ministry of Education, Universities and National Institute of Education) on research requirements of policies to identify the learning outcomes of the students.
  • Maintain formal mechanism to obtain the stake holders’ suggestions and comments in order to identify the quality of the service delivery of education system and changes of related policies
  • Develop short term, medium term and long term strategic plans (with the integration of National and Provincial institutions) for the benefit of education system based on the state policy statements national educational policy and legal framework and policies identified by the Ministry of Education
  • Prepare result based plans on the sector development approach or the project approach (when necessary) in order to invest the foreign funds received for the education system in an efficient way
  • Preparing medium term and annual implementation plan for the Ministry of Education
  • Encouraging use of appropriate technical methodologies, scientific analysis on existing data and making projections to assist the preparation of plans
  • Developing and implementing of education policies, plans and programs by evaluating of students’ achievement levels, launching with the integration of university system and making aware the system on the related decisions
  • Join together with the Monitoring and Performance Review branch when implementing amended/ developed plans based on the requirements and assisting relevant partners on implementation


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Director of Education 011-2786182 1327    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Deputy Director of Education   1329    
Assistant Director of Education   1377    
Assistant Director of Education   1357    
Assistant Director of Education        
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