General education system fostering social cohesion and reconciliation among children


-Coordinate education policy makers, planners and schools to deliver synchronized milestones established towards fostering social cohesion and reconciliation through education 


 Major Functions 

a. Coordinate activities for Tamil Schools  in connection with Minister/ State Minister of Education  on Secretary’s instruction

b. Implement, Monitor and report activities related to Logical framework for roadmap towards mainstreaming social cohesion and reconciliation through education

c. Setting up and monitor  Provincial Peace Education and Reconciliation Units

d. Coordination of External organizations, Development partners and International/ Local NGOs working on SC and Reconciliation

e. Liaising   with appropriate associates and making decisions on national level approaches and procedures in order to complete the intentions of education for all among Tamil Schools

f. Coordinate with other branches for education quality development of Tamil  schools

g. Organizing human/physical resource development programs in such institution for making solutions for weakness and enhancing strengths disclosed according to the information gathered by evaluation

h. To work closely with the SL/German partner and coordinate with the programme units to achieve the objectives of  the GTZ/MoE /Education for Social Cohesion Programme

i. Coordinate Hindu religious activities of the MoE



Staff details

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Director of Education  0112075717    011-2787686  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">
 Branch 0112177040